Konrad dominates Grabowski in Bellator heavyweight tournament

Cole Konrad won a mostly boring, but dominant, decision over Damian Grabowski, 30-26, 30-27, 30-27, in Bellator's heavyweight semifinals on Thursday in Milwaukee.

Konrad started with an immediate takedown, then followed up with knees in Grabowski's side. His control from the top, with scattered knees and punches, continued for the rest of the round. Grabowski barely did anything throughout the round.

He took a bit longer to get the takedown in the second round, actually throwing a punch and controlling Grabowski in the clinch before easily taking him to the ground. The referee tired of the grapplefest halfway through the second and stood the two fighters up. It didn't take long for Konrad to take the fight right back down to the ground, and even went for a submission, grabbing Grabowski's arm in a kimura attempt. It didn't work out, but it's a big step for the NCAA champion wrestler.

You're never going to guess what Konrad did to start the third and final round. Did you guess take Grabowski down? Then you were right! But this time, Grabowski was able to get out from under Konrad. Grabowski even tried for a takedown and guillotine. Neither were successful, and Konrad scored another takedown, controlling the bout until the final bell.

Konrad will now face Neil Grove in the finals of Bellator's inaugural heavyweight tournament. Grove is a dangerous striker and will provide interesting match-up for Konrad's wrestling.

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