Knucklehead Shamrock must fight to his strengths

Big fights either have it or they don't. If there's a buzz at the water cooler you know the promoter did their job. With mixed martial arts it's a little different because it's not mainstream enough to get the cooler talk but amongst the true fight fans the Kimbo Slice-Ken Shamrock battle has ignited a fiery debate.

Is Kimbo's lack of skill on the ground going to be his death knell? Maybe the 215 pound Shamrock is simply too small to compete with a 235 lb. streetfighting legend. Ken's brother Frank (pictured on the right with Ken), who is calling this Saturday's fight for CBS, says Ken may be too stubborn to use his superior technique:

"That's Ken's problem and that's where we butt heads. He's the rough tough bully guy. He's the streetfighter, machismo guy. And he's fighting the bigger, younger, stronger...same guy."

Ken has proven time and time again in his recent fights against Tito Ortiz, Sakaraba and Buzz Berry that if he has an MMA gameplan it goes right out the window as soon as the fists start flying.

"That's where Ken needs to embrace the martial arts, use his wrestling. He was a phenomenal wrestler and went to the Olympic trials. He doesn't use what he's really good at. He gets in there and tries to knock down, drag out with everybody. He's too old for that."


Frank went on to say there may not be anybody who can get through to Ken before the fight. The brothers have had a strained relationship but it's clear that Frank will be rooting for his brother and it'll be a challenge to call a fight involving his brother.

Can Ken get his head right and stick to the proper plan? Will he test Kimbo on the ground or just throw haymakers?

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