What you need to know from this week's episode of TUF

House drama! Iron Mike! Josh Koscheck doing the robot and more on this week's episode of "The Ultimate Fighter." Read on for spoilers, a recap and ten tons of fun.

-- Mike Tyson is still around after the fight, extolling the virtues of confidence to Team GSP, saying, "Confidence breeds success, and success breeds confidence." What does jail time breed, Mike?

-- Koscheck is not happy about being 0-2, and punishes the team for it. He puts them through a hellish training session. He also continued his quest to get under St. Pierre's skin, calling him a robot, doing the robot dance and making fun of the tight shorts Georges wears in every fight.

-- In training, GSP put Watson through a full fight simulation, complete with walk-in, announcers, cornering between rounds and getting his hand raised. He also made Watson visualize the bout and tell GSP every move he would make in the bout.

Drama of the Week: The yellow team is annoyed that Alex "Bruce LeeRoy" Caceres was yelling "[Profane] him up!" during the Michael Johnson fight. No, really. How have these guys gotten through any fights with such thin skins? Sevak Magakian takes particular offense, and then LeeRoy and Magakian exchange what I assume are words, but are all bleeped out. Nam Phan comes between them, saving Magakian from throwing a punch and possibly getting thrown out of the house.

Fight of the Week: Kyle Watson (Team GSP) vs. Andy Main (Team Kos)

Watson survived several submission attempts from Main in the first round. Main tried taking Watson's back from a standing position, standing armbars and an armbar on the ground, but Watson survived through them all. In the second, he earned a quick takedown, ground and pounded for a while before taking Main's back and sinking in a rear nake choke. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Koscheck is now 0-3. It won't be pretty at their upcoming practices.

Quote of the Week: "I don't like losing to anyone, but especially that guy. Especially a French guy." -- Koscheck. Don't tell him that Georges is French-Canadian.

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