What you need to know from this week on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

Maggie Hendricks

In this week's edition of "The Ultimate Fighter," you'll see the last first round fight, pranks, a gross foot, and a clever use of spray paint. Read on for spoilers and a recap.

Rolande Delorme is back, and his foot is infected, swollen, and looking nasty. Antibiotics should clear it up in time for his fight, but sheesh. It looks gross. He is not at Team Miller's camp when famous trainer Rafael Cordeiro made a cameo to work with the fighters. He teaches the fighters about movement and cutting angles. It's a pretty cool thing to watch such a talented coach run through a training session.

At Team Bisping, Tito Ortiz showed up. Seeing him next to bantamweight and featherweights is hilarious, especially as his much larger frame teaches the fighters about ground and pound. Marcus Brimage puts it best.

"I'm just like, wow. That's a big [expletive] head!"

T.J. Dillashaw from Team Bisping supposedly asked if he could have an easier first round fight because he considered himself the better bantamweight. That didn't sit well with his teammates, and they took it out on him in practice. The sparring escalated, and Dillashaw got pissed.

Later, Akira Corassani told Bisping that he planned to knock Dillashaw out. A team meeting full of expletives followed.

Pranks! While Tiki Ghosn, Bisping's assistant coach, was in practice, Miller had Ghosn's car surrounded by highway barricades, then spray painted "M" and the date of the fight with Bisping on the barricades. Well done, Mayhem.

Roland Delorme (Team Miller) vs. T.J. Dillashaw (Team Bisping)

Round 1: Dillashaw, who has a strong wrestling background, started with an immediate takedown, and controlled Delorme from the side for the first minute. Delorme got back to his feet, landed a few punches, but then got taken down again. This time, Dillashaw is more violent from the top, and creates much more damage. He twists Delorme into a choke, but Delorme gets out.

Round 2: The second round started like the first, with Dillashaw getting a quick takedown. Dillashaw must have paid attention to Ortiz's lessons, because he has some nasty ground and pound. Dillashaw took his back and finished with a choke.

Final record of the first round is Miller 5, Bisping 3. Dana White listened to the fighters and the coaches in making match-ups for the next round, and all of Miller's guys want to take out Dodson.

Dillashaw (Bisping) vs. Pague (Miller)

Dodson (Miller) vs. Bedford (Miller)

Akira Corassani (Bisping) vs. Denis Bermudez (Miller)

Bryan Caraway (Miller) vs. Diego Brandao

Next week, the semifinal fights will start. Huzzah!

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