What you need to know from the premiere of "The Ultimate Fighter"

The twelfth season of "The Ultimate Fighter" started up on Wednesday night. The show gives its winners a chance at a contract with the UFC. This season, coached by TUF 1 alum Josh Koscheck and welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre, features lightweight fighters.

What do you need to know from the first episode? Cagewriter has all the details.

1. Dana White's pre-show speech has not changed: He stood in front of the TUF hopefuls, flanked by Georges St. Pierre and Josh Koscheck, and told them to give it their all. The wildcard format from last year has also not changed. The fighters need to win their first bout to get in the house, but after the fighters have made it, two of the opening-round losers will fight for a chance for the quarterfinals.

2. These fighters made the show: Marc Stevens, Spencer Paige, Nam Phan, Andy Main, Jonathan Brookins, Sako Chivitchian, Jeffrey Lentz, Alex "Bruce LeeRoy" Caceres, Michael Johnson, Aaron Wilkinson, Kyle Watson, Sevak Magakian, Cody McKenzie, and Dane Sayers.

3. These fighters impressed: Stevens, with a 13-second knockout, Phan who finished off WEC vet Mike Budnik with a liver shot, Lentz beat the crap out of Daniel Head after GSP crossed his name out on the list, Alex Caceres for choking out Paul Barrow and having a spot-on Bruce Lee imitation, McKenzie for choking out Amir Khillah cold -- a move predicted by GSP, and Dane Sayes and Ariel Sexton in the fight of the night.

4. High alert on troublemakers: Watson, Johnson and Caceres alluded to the idea that they might be troublemakers. Keep an eye out for them over the course of the season.

5. Alex Caceres, nicknamed Bruce Leroy, wore a yellow jumpsuit to walk out to the cage. If you don't see the coolness in that, well, learn son.

What we have to look forward to this season: Drinking, tension in the house, Koscheck doesn't like GSP, and Mike Tyson? Mike Tyson.

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