King wins with the judge, Mayorga's plan to fight go bye-bye

Isn't it nice to see Don King's hand in mixed martial arts? The legendary boxing promoter has been working behind the scenes for the last year to get into MMA, even meeting with UFC president Dana White.

Well, he got his wish but he's not exactly profiting off of tonight's Boxing versus MMA show, featuring Ricardo Mayorga versus Din Thomas. King has tried for weeks to stop the fight. He's Mayorga's boxing promoter and feels like a loss will damage the Nicaraguan's value.

King was a winner in court early this morning but Mayorga insists on being the winner tonight.

Update - According to MMA reporter Karyn Bryant, the fight is now off:

Mayorga's out. Ninja Rua vs David Heath is new headliner at Shine tonight. Still lots of good fights going down!

Mayorga was clearly miffed with King:

Mayorga just told me "Don King is a jerk!" I said "Va uma Pelea?" He made cutting sign across his neck. I said "No puedes?" He said "No."

The boxer and Shine Fights said the fight will go on. Is there still a chance Mayorga doesn't make it to the ring? Will the promoter be intimidated by Judge Marc H. Gold and his threat of "serious sanctions?" The pay-per-view kicks off at 8 p.m. ET.

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