'King Mo' the impressionist: Mousasi says keep your day job

Mo Lawal and Gegard Mousasi are both top notch prospects at light heavyweight but that's where the similarities end. They've got different fighting styles and they're certainly polar opposites when it comes to personalities. "King Mo" is a jokester and outspoken. Mousasi is a quiet killer. So when a media member asked why Lawal calls Mousasi, "Kermit the Frog" (1:14 mark), King Mo channeled his inner Rich Little. The Strikeforce light heavyweight champ simply chuckled and said it didn't sound like him. Lawal even asked Mousasi to do his own impression. He politely declined.

That stoic, serious nature is what makes Mousasi scary. Lawal can get under anyone's skin but there's zero indication that it's affecting Mousasi which means the heat is turned up that much more on King Mo's technique and execution. In a serious moment, Lawal mentioned that Mousasi may be the smartest, most calm guy he's seen in the cage.

The fight will answer plenty of questions. Another Mousasi demolition simply adds to his mystique. If Lawal, with just six pro fights under his belt, competes or even beats Mousasi, his stock continues to climb.