'King Mo' fires back at Jackson

You knew it was coming. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson suggested Muhammed Lawal and Rashad Evans are homosexuals so when "King Mo" had a chance to respond he wasn't too kind to Jackson.

Lawal, the 205 champion with Strikeforce, said Jackson has little shot in the fight against Evans.

"Rampage has one-punch strength. But that's anybody, any fighter, it takes one punch. That's it. But that's all he has. One punch. But other than that, I don't see nothing," Lawal told Fight Magazine's Danny Acosta. "Conditioning, no. Speed, no. Athleticism, no. Hunger, no. Drive, focus, motivation, no. Wrestling, no."

Then Lawal turned his attention to Jackson, who called him "Queen Mo" on last week's teleconference.

"That [expletive] is old dog. That [expletive] was cool back in third grade," said Lawal. "Come up with something real."

Lawal then commented Evans' comments that Jackson perpetuates negative black stereotypes with some of his antics.

"What Rashad said was real," said Lawal. "Did Rampage comment on that? If it was false Rampage would've been like, `I'm not an Uncle Tom.'"

Lawal said Jackson needs to act more professional, and that by saying he didn't train for his fight against Forrest Griffin makes him more chump than champ.

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