Kimbo's conqueror is a real animal

Seth Petruzelli lost it in the cage when he scored his 14 second knockout of Kimbo Slice. It's clearly not the first time the Floridian has gone bonkers. His MySpace page is loaded with hilarious photos.

They call him 'The Silverback' and it may be because he parties like the proverbial 800-lb. gorilla. He's pictured above with his wife on the left (placed to confirm his heterosexuality). He's also seen with a naked Brad Imes, a fellow cast member on The Ultimate Fighter 2. And he's getting cozy with one of his 'chums' while wearing banana hammocks at a Las Vegas pool.

The fight world is crazy. Petruzelli bowed out of TUF2 in the heavyweight semifinals and lost his only two UFC fights but to the casual sports fan he may now be the most famous guy to come off the show. He scored a huge victory over a well-known fighting character in front of the one of the biggest audiences to ever watch MMA. Who beats him?

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