If his kids stay out of trouble, ‘Rampage’ may retire at 35

Quinton Jackson doesn't want to be like Roy Jones Jr. and countless other boxers who fight because they have to financially. The former UFC light heavyweight champ always targeted 35 years old as the time to walk away. Jackson, 32, still believes that, but there are some uncontrollable factors that could change the plan.

"I have kids to look out for. I want to put some of my kids through college. I know some of my kids ... I'm gonna need lawyers fees for them," joked Jackson. "Y'all laughing but I know this!"

Jackson was in a good mood as he spoke during Wednesday's final press conference for UFC 130. In spite of the talk that he's not motivated for this fight, he seems to have a new outlook on his fighting career. Jackson has benefited greatly from being able to earn a healthy living.

"My parents were real poor and I want my mom to drive a nice car and have a nice house, and I want my dad to have the same. That's the thing that drives me to keep fighting so I can afford to keep doing those things," said Jackson.{ysp:more}

Rampage is starting to realize he can lengthen his career by cleaning things up outside the cage. That could mean he fights past 35.{ysp:more}

"When I used to fight in PRIDE, I was a single parent and I used to eat fast food all the time. I used have to cut 15 pounds every time before a fight. I really got sick of that over the years," Jackson said. "I'm sick and tired of that lifestyle, being real heavy."

Jackson knows it cost him a title shot earlier this year.

"I really regret getting real heavy after my November fight because I couldn't fight [Mauricio] "Shogun" [Rua] after Rashad [Evans] got injured. It was like a kick in the ass," said Jackson.

During Wednesday's presser, Jackson looked visibly thinner than before previous fights.

"I was really excited about getting in shape for this fight. When you look at yourself in the mirror and you're disgusted with yourself, and you're a professional athlete, that's bad," said Jackson.

Jackson faces Matt Hamill in the main event of UFC 130 on Saturday.

You can watch UFC 130 right here on Yahoo! Sports

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