Kickboxer leads an army of Facebookers looking for Chris Brown

Facebook is a wonderful land where you can track down high school friends, throw a snowball at someone and even collect a posse to kick the crap out of a vilified musician. Chris Brown, a 20-year-old R & B star, is hated by many for his incident with former girlfriend Rihanna. Now Brown better watch his back because kickboxer Anthony Geisler wants a piece of him and his Facebook page asking for reserves already has 6,094 volunteers.

Geisler, the president of L.A. Boxing, has started the "I want to fight Chris Brown" page on Facebook saying he's "challenging Mr. Brown to step into the ring against him and see what it’s like to face a real opponent."

Geisler, who got his L.A. Boxing concept from UFC fighter Sean McCully in 2002, sent a letter to Brown's manager requesting that a real fight be set-up. He updated the Facebook page on Feb. 18 saying there hadn't been a response.

According to FoxNews, Brown surrendered to Los Angeles police on Feb. 8 and was released on $50,000 bail after being booked for investigation of making a criminal threat, a felony. He has not been charged by the district attorney's office, which is still investigating the case.

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