Kenny Florian trades leather with Danny Bonaduce

It's got to be rough peaking at 14 years old. But that's the life of the child star. Once you're an adult and no one cares who you are, it can be a real mind screw. It's safe to say 49-year-old Danny Bonaduce has struggled with the transition. With his drug and steroid abuse, the guy has been a train wreck. He's also a huge glory hound, up for any publicity stunt and by listening to his radio show this morning it's pretty evident the guy needs to be told every five seconds that he's tough and cool.

The UFC is rolling into Philadelphia in August and Kenny Florian was invited to go on Bonaduce's morning radio show on WYSP. It may have been a good spot if KenFlo was allowed to speak but the 15 minutes was wasted as Bonaduce kept telling us how he's a fighter too. There was actually a great moment where Florian said he wanted to punch a few celebrities (0:38 mark) but we never found out who, because it was Danny time.

Let's give the old redhead credit, he did allow Florian to beat the crap out of him (VIDEO) at the end of the interview. Of course, all in an effort to show how tough he was. There's nothing better than listening to completely self-indulgent radio guys get zero out of interview subjects.

Listen to Florian promoting UFC 101 on Bonaduce's show:

Make sure you listen towards the end (6:18 mark) where we mixed together Bonaduce seven most "hilarious" one-liners.

Thanks to WYSP in Philadelphia for the audio

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