Kelly, Barboza undercard winners at UFC 123

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. -- Paul Kelly provided fireworks at UFC 123 with a TKO of T.J. O'Brien. The two made the first round a slugfest. Kelly continually moved forward and pressed the pace. Both landed punishing blows, with O'Brien favoring his knees, while Kelly landed hook after hook.

Kelly (pictured on top) came out swinging in the second round, and crumbed O'Brien with an onslaught of punches. He could not finish him off, so he stood up and invited O'Brien to do the same. O'Brien took advantage by taking Kelly down and landing right in full-mount. Kelly appeared to be in trouble until he reversed position and stretched Kelly out in a crucifix position, landing punch after punch with O'Brien helpless to block them. The fight was finally stopped at 3:16 in the second round.

Barboza whips Lullo's legs for win

Edson Barboza (7-0) used two rounds of hard kicks to the leg of Mike Lullo (8-2) in both men's UFC debut to get a ref stoppage at :26 of the third round.

Lullo, a wrestler, tried to counter the constant low kicks that he had no answer for by moving in for takedowns, but when he would get in, Barboza (pictured on right) was able to throw him hard to the mat. While on the mat, Lullo had his best success, scoring with punches while tying Barboza up from the bottom. But Barboza was always able to get up.

By the latter stages of the second round, Barboza's kicks were putting Lullo down and he was struggling just to get his feet, and having trouble moving. He was just about finished at the end of the second round, and when round three opened with the same low kicks, with him going down two more times before the fight was stopped.