Karalexis interview: Get in his face and he’ll slap yours

The Ultimate Fighter 1 turned out to be a huge success story producing many top level fighters. That initial cast included guys like Forrest Griffin, Diego Sanchez, Kenny Florian, Mike Swick, Stephan Bonnar and Josh Koscheck. But it hasn't been easy for others like Chris Leben, Nate Quarry and Alex Karalexis who've struggled with injuries and in some cases, a lack of discipline.

Karalexis hasn't had a bad career going 9-4 but he's lost two straight fights and is at a crossroads.

Watch Karalexis talk about the state of his career (2:20 mark):

He's fought through some injuries but admits that he's been a pretty self-destructive with his lifestyle. His first WEC loss against Ed Ratcliff came in part because he cut from 212 to 155 pounds in six weeks. Karalexis hasn't reached the heights achieved by guys like Griffin, Sanchez and Florian and for some that means it's open season to rip away. He told Cage Writer it gets pretty nasty out there in a world where some fans think this is make-believe:

"I got an email once and it was so hard not to respond. (The email said) I should kill myself, I'm a terrible fighter and I don't contribute anything. I was like, 'get a (expletive) life.'"

Karalexis said anyone who wants to drop a line like that may want to do it to his face and get a smack.

Karalexis climbs back in the cage on Sunday at WEC 39 in Corpus Christi, Texas against Greg McIntyre.