Junior dos Santos shares his thoughts on Frank Mir, why he sings, Chael Sonnen and more

Maggie Hendricks

UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos stopped by on Thursday to answer your questions. He shared his thoughts on his UFC 146 opponent Frank Mir, Jon Jones, music, Chael Sonnen, and much more.

On where Mir is most dangerous, but not the most dangerous in the UFC:

His biggest threat is if he can use his jiu-jitsu to take me to me to the ground. That's his big strength. I think he's good. Maybe among the best ground games in the heavyweight division, but there are plenty others in the other division that are better.

On Mir's trash talk:

I don't really like that style. When you prefer talk rather than fighting, it's not good. I'd rather let my fighting do the talking.

On Saturday's Strikeforce grand prix fighter Josh Barnett:

He's very experienced and has a great ground game. As far as whether I want to fight him, it's not up to me. If the UFC wants to make Josh Barnett my next opponent, then so be it. I think the fight with Daniel Cormier is an exciting matchup and I'm looking forward to it.

On the possibility of fighting UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones:

No, I don't think so. Jon Jones is a cool guy. Extremely talented. If one day he wants to fight as a heavyweight, then I'm sure he'd have a fight or two before he gets a shot at the title.

Mir's last win was against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, a good friend of dos Santos. Will that play into this fight psychologically?

I'm a positive person and a confident fighter. What happened between them is just part of the sport. It's just a natural part of our sport. In my opinion, Big Nog was winning that fight and just made a mistake. Frank Mir took advantage of that as good fighter would do. It won't impact what I do.

On sticking with "Gonna Fly Now," a.k.a. the Rocky song, as his walkout song:

For sure I'll be walking out to the rocky song. It motivates me a lot so I agree with Christian. Back story: Dana White didn't want me to come out to that song and said it's overused. I told him 'Man, my hands shake when I hear that song'. When he heard how powerful it was for me, he told me I could keep it as my walkout song.

On what he thinks of Mir's chin:

Everybody's chin is their weak spot. If you land a shot on somebody's chin, they're down. Fight over. So yeah, that's where I'm going to try to hit him. And that's where I'm going to be hitting him.

On his love of singing:

I don't need karaoke. I sing a cappella. I like singing. I sing in the shower and all the time. When we're happy people, music's just part of our day.

On his prediction for Silva/Sonnen II:

I've got to take Anderson. Sonnen-Silva I, Sonnen was caught taking performance-enhancers and Anderson had broken ribs. It wasn't a fair fight. This time he'll beat him easily.

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