Junior dos Santos says Alistair Overeem is a joke, but admires opponent Mark Hunt

Junior dos Santos was supposed to face Alistair Overeem at UFC 160, but an injury forced Overeem out of the bout. Now, dos Santos will fight Mark Hunt. JDS talked to a Brazilian radio station, and said he admired one of those opponents but found the other to be a joke.

"I think it was great the UFC have scheduled Mark Hunt. I admire him very much for having accepted because he just fought. I admire and appreciate because I want to fight May 25 and this will happen thanks to him. When Overeem jumped off I thought it was great that the UFC came by with another opponent. [Overeem] isn’t a champion, he’s nothing. If he was a champion, I would wait."

So JDS is a fan of Hunt, and doesn't think it's worth waiting for a bout with Overeem. But how does he feel about Overeem?

"I think [Overeem] is a joke. He is very big, he's on steroids and he talks a lot of [expletive]. But I don't care about him. He can go on with his career and do what he thinks is the best for him, I will do the same. If some day we face each other and he runs out of problems, we fight."

Overeem and dos Santos were set to fight last May, when dos Santos still held the UFC heavyweight championship belt. The fight was canceled when Overeem failed a PED test. He was found to have excessive levels of testosterone, more than double of that the athletic commission in Nevada allowed.

Overeem was suspended, and then lost to Antonio Silva on his return to the cage. With dos Santos fresh off losing his belt to Cain Velasquez, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for the two rivals to square off.

Thank you to Yahoo! Brazil for translation.

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