Junie has competition for Mr. Bipolar Award on TUF8

So much time has been spent examining the insane Junie Browning that we've overlooked his top competition to be the first one booted from The Ultimate Fighter 8. Shockingly, it's 'lovable' old Team Noguiera trainer Al Stankiewicz. He's been lauded on the web as that 'wacky' boxing trainer. Replace loveable and wacky with sociopath. He's clearly one card short of a full deck. The jig is up Stankie, you're a nutcase according to Ryan Bader's blog.

The explosion of the fighter's blogs on this season of TUF has been great. The show's editors can't possibly get all the Grade-A material into a one hour show. The fighter accounts are doing a great job of filling the gaps. Bader's recent story on MMAJunkie about Stankie should have us calling him 'Stinkie':

After practice the coaches would go grab something to eat -- most of the time without showering and in full Team Nogueira garb, which (I'm pretty sure) they were not supposed to be doing. Stankie had on a rashguard, full TapouT velour red warm-up, a TapouT beanie and a couple long gold chains.

Basically Stankie is the old white, dirty, Mr. T. The second part of the story should have everyone fearing for their safety at Las Vegas sportsbooks:

They went to The Palms to watch the Lakers vs. Celtics game. Stankie is a big Lakers fan, and when a Celtics fan expressed some joy about his team scoring, Stankie walked over and slapped the guy -- with all of our Brazilian coaches looking on in horror. Before the other coaches could grab him, he yelled out, "I am with the heavyweight champion of the world! You want some?"

Las Vegas is very strict with its rules in the sportsbooks. You can't use a cellphone but you can slap an opposing/bettor in the face. Lovely.

It sounds like there's more drunken lunacy on the way. Bader said that each week the coaches would come in and tell of Stankie's weekend hijinks. This guy sounds crazier than Junie. Maybe we'll have a Junie v. Stankie throwdown at some point. I tab the old man as a -170 favorite.

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