Judge Crosby's schedule may be a little lighter this year

Some people aren't grasping this Internet thing. Whether it's a Texas football player getting booted from the team because of racists utterings on Facebook, Larry Fitzgerald's brother tweeting that Kurt Warner is an old man or David Clowney tweeting about a lack of playing time, people forget once you hit enter it's basically like a quote in a newspaper.

The fight world is no stranger to folks who don't get it. Even worse, some of these guys are the "beyond reproach" judges.

Fight judge Cecil Peoples was the first to dip his toe in the idiot pond when he tried to rip fans for not understanding how to score fights after many followers disagreed with his take on the Lyoto Machida-Mauricio Rua fight at UFC 104. Peoples' was scolded by the powers that be and his recent inclusion on big time fight cards has been reduced.

Lesson learned, right? Judges simply can't get embroiled in beefs with the fans or give interviews to the media. Apparently not. Doug Crosby, the guy who scored the B.J. Penn-Frank Edgar fight 50-45 for the new champion, decided it was time to explain himself on the very popular Underground Forum. One problem. That wasn't really his intent. It appears he just wanted to bust chops and fan the flames.

Looks like Crosby is a bit sarcastic. This thread continued with roughly 10-12 more posts mocking fans' outrage over his score.

"Howling ghouls?" "RVCA?" "Prodigy/Hilo Boy T-shirts?" Safe to say he's calling out B.J. Penn fans? That's pretty serious stuff to indicate, that as a judge, you have any sort of bias against a certain fighter for any reason. Crosby's in trouble. But he didn't stop there with the nonsensical mocking of MMA fans.

This continued for a while as posters flipped out on Crosby. I'm sure he got a good chuckle out of it. Commissioners around the country and some officials with the UFC aren't feeling Crosby's unique sense of humor.

Cagewriter was told Tuesday by one official close to the situation that when it was explained to the judge why this calls into question his judgment and impartiality, "Crosby didn't get it" and that they expect the judge's fight load to decrease a bit in the coming months.

Frankly, Crosby is lucky if he gets to work again. Imagine if the NBA's Joey Crawford or NFL's Ed Hochuli jumped online to mock and chide fans. They'd be fired or at the least suspended for a significant period of time. It's unfortunate Crosby pulled this nonsense. There seems to be a shortage of top flight judges. He's one of the more experienced and solid judges around but at this point can you trust him to view any fight objectively? Or will he be thinking about fan reaction during a fight?

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