Josh Grispi would like your help in fighting his father’s cancer

Maggie Hendricks

Featherweight Josh Grispi recently decided to take a step away from MMA to spend time with his father, who has brain cancer, and newborn son. Grispi now would like some help in taking care of his father.

Grispi is hosting two fundraisers to help his father with the extensive medical bills that come with getting cancer. You can help out two ways:

-- If you're going to be around Braintree, Mass., on November 25, go to the fundraiser. It costs $25, and will have auctions and raffles for UFC memorabilia, and appearances by fighters.

-- If you, like me, can't be in Boston on Thanksgiving weekend, make a donation online here.

Grispi made $15,000 in his last fight, a loss in June to George Roop. Considering that cancer bills can reach upwards of $500,000, every little bit can help. If you've enjoyed Grispi's submissions of Mark Hominick, L.C. Davis or Jens Pulver, then consider helping out as much as you can.

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