Jose Aldo on fence grab: 'It didn't change first Mendes fight'

Elias Cepeda
Jose Aldo doesn't believe there is controversy in his first win over Chad Mendes (Getty)

Two and a half years ago, UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo knocked out Chad Mendes in the last second of round one in his home country of Brazil and produced one of the most thrilling fight-endings in UFC history. The knockout, however, immediately followed the champion defending a take down attempt by Mendes, in part, by illegally grabbing onto the chain link fence wall.

As such, critics of Aldo have put a mental asterisk next to that win for the Brazilian. Now that Aldo and Mendes are set to rematch in August, talk of their first fight's ending came up recently.

When asked by MMA Fighting if he believes his cage-grabbing played a big role in his win over Mendes, "Scarface" dismissed the idea. "I don't see a problem. People always find things to say," he said.

"Every fighter holds the fence once. It happens. I held it once but he took me down three times and I came right back up. It didn't change the fight. I don't care if he's talking or if anyone else is talking. The important thing is that I know what I'm capable of."

As Aldo heads into his training camp to prepare for Mendes, he went on to say that he considers it a new fight altogether, and expects to have to evolve in order to get the win he plans for. Do you think the fence-grab played a big part in Aldo's win over Mendes, and how do you see the rematch going down?

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