You have Jose Aldo No. 1 pound-for-pound? According to Dana White, you're a moron

Remember this pound-for-pound talk is all about enhancing our interest in fighting. The debate should be light-hearted unless you want to verbally scrap with Dana White over the issue. Then you better get ready to rumble. Jose Aldo is the hot topic amongst MMA bloggers, fans and media members. For some, he's jumped guys like Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre. The UFC president suggests that you're a schmuck if you're giving Aldo that much credit.

"Are you [expletive] nuts? POTENTIAL FUTURE pound for pound king," White texted Comcast SportsNet's Carmichael Dave. "Anderson Silva hasn't lost since 2006! He's never lost in the UFC!"

White's clearly not biased in this case. Both Aldo and Silva fight under the Zuffa banner and as he points out, away from the Octagon, he's not really a big fan of the UFC middleweight champ.

"Anderson Silva is a pain in my ass. This isn't Chuck Liddell, we aren't best friends. But you can't deny what the man has done," White told Dave over the phone. "He (Silva) HASNT LOST in the UFC! The guy has not only cleared out his division, he's gone up to 205 (from 185) and beaten a guy like Forrest Griffin (former 205 champ), who beat Rampage Jackson AND (current champ) Shogun Rua."

When it was pointed out to White that Silva nearly lost his last fight to a guy with 11 losses, he wasn't buying it.

"Yeah. He (expletive) WON! AND he's 35 years old. You media geeks need to learn the fight biz," White texted.

Later he told Dave, "And Frankie Edgar is right there too. I might actually put him at No. 2. This guy is for real. He beat BJ Penn twice, and kicked his ass in their last fight. I love and respect Manny Gamburyan, but he's no BJ Penn. And the only thing keeping GSP (170 pound champ Georges St. Pierre) out of the top 3 is (a KO loss) to Matt Serra."

There you have it. So move Aldo up the pound-for-pound list at your own risk.

Cofield's September Top 10 pound-for-pound for Yahoo! Sports:

1. Anderson Silva
2. Georges St. Pierre
3. Fedor Emelianenko
4. Mauricio Rua
5. Lyoto Machida
6. Jose Aldo
7. Frank Edgar
8. Brock Lesnar
9. Jake Shields
10. Rashad Evans

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