Jose Aldo knocks Conor McGregor's power three months after getting KO'd by him

Jose Aldo is going to say whatever it takes to get an opportunity to avenge his 13-second knockout loss to Conor McGregor. Even if what he says does border on nonsensical.

The former UFC featherweight champion appeared on the Brazilian TV show "Extra Ordinarios" after McGregor’s loss and immediately went to work tearing McGregor down.

"He quit, couldn’t take it anymore, wanted to run away," he said of McGregor’s second-round submission loss to Nate Diaz. "He’s a [expletive]. He went down and quit. He was slapped in the face. He looked like a child, getting slapped in the face."

Aldo wasn’t impressed with McGregor making the leap from 145 pounds to 170 pounds to face Diaz. And the fact that McGregor was submitted has Aldo salivating at the possibility of a rematch for the featherweight title he lost in December. The Brazilian spoke to McGregor being unable to score a knockout over the bigger Diaz and suggested that the Irishman’s power is nothing to be concerned about.

"Some fighters have a great punch, others don’t. His hands are actually made of soap," Aldo said. "Of course that anyone goes down if you connect a blow in the chin. Even a child hitting in the chin, anyone goes down. He has hands of soap. He always hits and nobody ever feels it."

Jose Aldo getting knocked out by Conor McGregor during their UFC 194 fight. (AP)

That’s an interesting assessment coming from a man who was knocked unconscious by McGregor in 13 seconds. Considering that McGregor had recorded five straight knockouts before losing to Diaz, one might think Aldo is attempting to get under McGregor’s skin rather than saying something with some truth to it.

He reportedly also told a Combate reporter backstage at the TV show that he missed the fight because he was too consumed with watching scandalous late-night adult programs. He did say he caught the fight shortly after, however.

"I watch 'Sexy Hot' at night, man," Aldo said. "I already knew that would happen, I was just waiting. When I knew [about the result], I didn’t think twice and posted something [on Instagram], I knew that would happen. I said a while ago that he wouldn’t have anything by the end of the year, even the belt.”

It’s likely that McGregor will defend his featherweight title in his next fight. What’s not set in stone is his opponent. Both Aldo and Frankie Edgar have been lobbying for a crack at McGregor and it will be interesting to see which way the UFC decides to go. But it’s evident that Aldo is going to do everything in his power to bait McGregor into demanding a rematch, no matter how silly it sounds.