Jones vs. Jones: UFC champion's NFL player brother says he'd win in fight

Coach Greg Jackson said that his fighter Jon Jones [L] has plenty of courage (Getty)

Jon Jones

Coach Greg Jackson said that his fighter Jon Jones [L] has plenty of courage (Getty)

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has two brothers in the NFL - the younger Chandler of the New England Patriots and the eldest, Arthur, who recently joined the Indianapolis Colts. That much we already knew.

What we didn't know, at least according to Arthur, is that Jon isn't even the best fighter in the family. During a recent media teleconference, the new Colts defensive tackle claimed that, as recently as a year ago, he beat up his MMA champ brother.

“On record, and you can tell him that, too, I’ll whoop his butt, and it’s no secret,” Arthur said.

“If you look at articles out there, he’ll tell you, me being the older brother, I’ve never lost a fight to him. Our last fight was probably maybe a year or two ago, but I’ve never lost a fight."

Alright, so, leading by calling out your brother in his area of expertise may not be the classiest of moves for the oldest of the Jones brood. Perhaps to his credit, Arthur went on to mildly qualify his earlier claim before once again bragging on himself.

“I’ll give it to him, this is what he does for a living. He’s a UFC fighter, he’s the world champion,” he went on.

“I’m smart enough that I’m going to fight him in a closed area, if it goes down, not in an open space where he can kick and punch. I wasn’t a slouch, myself, not to toot my own horn, but I was a two-time wrestling champ. I wasn’t too bad and I can carry my own."

We're as doubtful that Arthur could keep up with his younger brother in a real fight as we would be about a high school football lineman star who never went further than prep ball claiming to be better at pass or run defense than the NFL player Arthur is. Which Jones brother would you put your money on in a fight?

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