Jones, Evans continue war of words

Maggie Hendricks

Just when you thought the drama between UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and Rashad Evans couldn't get any weirder, it did. After a vague altercation at a Las Vegas nightclub, Jones shared text messages that Evans had sent him with our friends at Cage Potato.

Similarly, Evans talked about the Las Vegas incident on "Inside MMA," saying that Jones said he wanted to clear the air, and then went on to say that he wants Evans to be his first "highlight-reel knockout."

Two questions emerge from these two stories. 1) What the heck happened to Jones' phone? It looks like he's been practicing his spinning elbows on the screen. 2) Why are these two still bickering like schoolkids?

These are two grown men, calling each other names and then going to the media to complain about it. They both have important objectives in their career. Evans has a fight coming up with Phil Davis that, if he loses, will kill his shot at a bout with Jones and a chance at the title. Jones has to rehab his hand so that he can fight Evans, if he gets through Davis.They are so focused on each other that they may forget the task at hand.

Gentlemen, Cagewriter has a small bit of advice for you: Let it go. Move on. Keep your eye on the tasks at hand, and give the fans good fights in the Octagon, not meaningless wars of words outside of it.

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