Jones escapes car accident unscathed, will star in 'Unbreakable 2'*

UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones escaped disaster on Wednesday, walking away from a car accident just weeks before his bout with Ryan Bader at UFC 126. He tweeted a picture of his car afterwards, and said that the other driver had to be taken away in a stretcher.

This was a stroke of luck for Jones, because the bout with Bader is key to both men's careers. They have both risen through the ranks of the UFC, seemingly on a collision course. But was it luck? Or is he ... unbreakable?

In a rough and tumble sport like MMA, Jones has suffered very few injuries or cuts. Though he's broken an opponent's face, Jones has never even had a medical suspension for his UFC bouts. That could be because he is young and in excellent condition, or it's because he's the inspiration for the 2000 M.Night Shymalan movie "Unbreakable."

*He's not actually starring in "Unbreakable 2," because I'm pretty sure "Unbreakable" was too terrible of a movie to duplicate.

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