Jon Jones gets a visit from the repo man — or not

Maggie Hendricks

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones thought he was having a good day. His fight with Chael Sonnen is in just nine days. His line of Nike gear is going on sale tomorrow morning. But the repo man can mess up any day.

He shared this picture on his Instagram account with the caption, "Just when my day was going so well!! Deposit some checks at the bank, come outside to my car getting repo'd."

And this is what Jackson's MMA, where Jones trains, had to say:

Now, this could be a practical joke Jones is playing, but look at all the stuff he had in the car sitting in a heap on the ground. If it's a joke, he sure is committed to the gag.

UPDATE: Nah, it wasn't the repo man. It was just a miscommunication on his rental car.

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