Jon Jones’ football dilemma — big brother or little brother?

Maggie Hendricks

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones comes from a family of elite athletes. His older brother Arthur is a defensive end for the Baltimore Ravens, and his younger brother Chandler is a defensive end for the New England Patriots. Normally, that doesn't cause many dilemmas within the family. The Patriots and Ravens are in different divisions in the AFC and don't always play each other during the season.

On Sunday, things are different. The two will play each other for a spot in the Super Bowl. Jon, the middle child, is really stuck in the middle here. So who is he cheering for?

Sorry, Chandler. But really, the Jones family can't lose. A trip to New Orleans for the Super Bowl to support either Chandler or Arthur is in the offing, and in April, a trip to Newark to see Jon fight Chael Sonnen.

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