Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson spar online

Maggie Hendricks

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is in Russia this weekend. He met retired great Fedor Emelianenko and tried a McDonald's that was apparently of a higher quality than ones in the U.S. He also found time to go back and forth with a possible future opponent.

Ouch! But it's not worries about their images that will keep this pair out of the cage. The dislocated toe Jones suffered during his fight with former middleweight Chael Sonnen is causing some problems. UFC president Dana White talked it about on Thursday.

"He says he feels great, the toe's healing good, but the problem is that ligament," he said. "That ligament popped. Anytime you tear a ligament, blood flow helps repair the thing and heal, and you don't get a lot of blood flow to the toe. Who knows? This thing could be six weeks, it could be six months."

Still, if these two are already pestering each other, the build up to a potential fight could be lots of fun.

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