Johny Hendricks wants GSP rematch

Elias Cepeda
Johny Hendricks (L) punches Robbie Lawler during their UFC welterweight title fight. (Getty)


Johny Hendricks (L) punches Robbie Lawler during their UFC welterweight title fight. (Getty)

One can only imagine the jubilation that Johny Hendricks feels now that he's accomplished his goal of becoming the UFC welterweight title. Even so, he hasn't made peace with his controversial decision loss to former champ Georges St-Pierre last fall.

"I'd like to fight Georges again,"Hendricks said at the UFC 171 post-event press conference.

"I think it'd be fun. We had a good match. I think I'm better. I'm going to get stronger."

Hendricks still believes that he can improve on his winning performance Saturday night over Robbie Lawler, however.

"I'm finding out that I need to be a little bit better with my accuracy. I have the power. I know that," Hendricks admitted.

"But I just need to be a little bit more pinpoint where I'm throwing my punches, and hopefully everything comes back around."

Hendricks and Lawler both stood up and survived ungodly punishment through five rounds in the UFC 171 main event. Observers were shocked that they could withstand all those blows for so long and so was Hendricks himself.

"Realistically, I thought we were both going to knock each other out in the first or the second round," Hendricks said.

"I didn't think we were going to go five. Definitely, as hard as he hit me in the third and fourth round, almost anybody else would've been out. For some reason, I have a thick skull. He hit me with some hard shots and I knew I had to come back in the fifth round. "That's where I lost it in the GSP fight and I told myself that it wouldn't happen again."

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