Johny Hendricks says Nick Diaz not deserving of title shot

Johny Hendricks says Nick Diaz not deserving of title shot
Johny Hendricks says Nick Diaz not deserving of title shot

UFC welterweight Nick Diaz is retired. Sorta. Kinda. The Stockton tough guy has made it clear that he would fight again, but only for a third straight crack at the now vacant UFC 170 pound belt.

On March 15, it will be Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler will face off for the title. Hendricks isn't overlooking Lawler but recently anwered questions about who he might face should he emerge victorious from his bout with Lawler.

Regarding Diaz, Hendricks has praise for the Jiu Jitsu ace but doesn't feel that he deserves a title shot after losing to St. Pierre himself and Carlos Condit before that.

"Realistically, I think he needs to fight a couple of times," Hendricks said of Diaz.

"What is he, 0-2 in his last few fights? It is what it is, but if the UFC said, ‘Hey Johny, you’ve got to fight him,’ well guess what? I’m not going to say no...His stock is always high. He's a great fighter but if he beats up one or two people then, yeah, he's earned it."

Condit will also fight Tyrone Woodley on the undercard of Hendricks vs. Lawler. Hendricks believes that the winner of that contest will emerge as the next #1 contender.

"If I win this fight, it’s going to be between one of them two,” Hendricks said.

"Carlos is always a tough opponent; same thing with Woodley.. Those two, they're fighting the same night. But a fight's a fight. You never know what’s going to happen. You just have to say whoever wants to come after you, let them come at you, and you move forward from that."

Hendricks believes he's ready for Lawler and whomever comes after. Who do you want to see come away with wins in this unofficial welterweight tournament?

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