Johny Hendricks: 'I'll enjoy fighting Lawler with two arms'

Elias Cepeda
Johny Hendricks (L) punches Robbie Lawler during their UFC welterweight title fight. (Getty)


Johny Hendricks (L) punches Robbie Lawler during their UFC welterweight title fight. (Getty)

Johny Hendricks narrowly won one of the greatest, most violent fights in MMA history last March with a decision over Robbie Lawler for the vacant UFC welterweight title. As it turned out, Hendricks did so with torn biceps in one of his arms.

Now, the champ is set to face Lawler again once his surgically-repaired arm heals. Hendricks says he's looking forward to seeing what he can do healthy.

 "I’m sort of excited about that. Going into something healthy, with two arms, would be nice," he said in a recent interview.

"Yeah, I can face Robbie Lawler healthy, [with] everything going right, get in there and see if it is as close a fight as it was the first time. Because I’m healthy, both arms are active, I can do a lot more."

On the one hand, the statement may sound a bit arrogant and off-putting in the sense that it would seem to diminish Lawler's own great performance against Hendricks. On the other hand, Hendricks fought Lawler with torn freaking biceps, and that's crazy.

If we're honest, we're wondering the exact same thing Hendricks is - can he beat Lawler more convincingly if one of his arms isn't ripped to shreds on the inside? All fighters deal with serious injuries between and even during fights.

Perhaps Lawler had some injuries he hasn't detailed. Either way, their welterweight title rematch is sure to be one of the more anticipated UFC bouts in awhile.

Do you think the second fight between Hendricks and Lawler will be more of the same or a different story? Let us know in the comments section!

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