Johnson gives Luigi a 'pop' quiz he can't handle

Anthony Johnson was more than welcome to allow Luigi Fioravanti, as he said during the pre-fight, "to test my fists with his face". At 5-foot-8, the much shorter Fioravanti did a nice job of avoiding the big shot against the 6-2 Johnson for the first 3 1/2 minutes, but he finally got caught with a short right on the top of his head. It was the beginning of the end. Fioravanti got in with another right that put him down seconds later and retreated to the cage where Johnson unleashed some knees. Fioravanti hit the deck where Johnson pounced on him. After 18 punches and hammerfists, referee Troy Waugh stopped the fight at the 4:39 mark of the first round.

Johnson was very humble in his postfight conversation with UFC color voice Joe Rogan and actually sounded disappointed:

"I was disappointed with actually with my performance. I could've done so much better," said Johnson. He stated that he came out sloppy.

The 24-year-old started working recently with MMA veterans Josh Thomson and Cung Le. Le has added some amazing kicks to Johnson's repetiore. He set up the Fioravanti finish with a mix of inside leg kicks, low kicks and few head kicks.

"(The kicks) come natural," said Johnson. "After working with guys like them, you start kicking back after them doing it so many times."

Johnson is now 7-2, 4-2 in the UFC. Fioravanti drops to 13-5, 4-5 in the UFC

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