John Dodson: 'Demetrious Johnson is ducking me'

Elias Cepeda
John Dodson: 'Demetrious Johnson is ducking me'
John Dodson: 'Demetrious Johnson is ducking me'

John Dodson gave UFC flyweight title holder Demetrious Johnson perhaps his biggest challenge, and now he believes that the champ is ducking a rematch. The two fought to a close decision back in 2013, with Johnson coming out on top.

Since then, Dodson has won two straight by nasty KO's. Johson has won his next three fights since beating Dodson but has been reluctant to commit to a rematch.

"I heard [Johnson] trying to duck and bob and weave and jive out of a fight with me," Dodson recently told Damon Martin.

"Then he wants to tell everybody he wants to fight everybody but me, telling everybody 'John Dodson's a clown' yet he sounded like a scared little pussycat trying to run away from me. Is he afraid of the big bad wolf?" 

Dodson believes that, his antics aside, Johnson is trying to get easier opponents and avoid fighting him again. The Ultimate Fighter veteran does have the best UFC record of any flyweight contenders at this moment, after all.

"He doesn't think I'm worthy as an opponent? He said he wanted to see him fight [Jussier] Formiga, who I leveled. They want to see him go blow for blow with Zach Makovsky, who won two fights in the UFC so far. I think I've been on a tear here with a 5-1 streak, and the only person that beat me was Demetrious," Dodson said.

"If he doesn't want to fight me, put anybody else in front of me and I'll go toe-to-toe and I'll put them to sleep just like I should have done with him."

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