The Joe Rogan doll coming to a store near you!

Don't just gloss over the photo! Read it closely. Someone on the net did a helluva job coming up with this mock Joe Rogan action figure. This weekend some sites ran with the story that this Rogan toy was legit. And then a bunch more pulled down the graphic. Why?

This is hilarious. I especially like the hallucinogenic drug reference and the Carlos Mencia restraining order.

Could Rogan, the color analyst for the UFC, or the promotion actually be angry about this? Maybe for the use of the UFC logo.

Rogan is always making pot references (NSFW) during his stand-up act. It turns out he's an aficionado on most drugs. And if you didn't know he's had quite the battle ongoing with comedian Carlos Mencia, who he's outed a joke stealer. Kudos to fans who are this hardcore and creative. I don't see NFL fans doing an Ed Hochuli doll and or NBA fans making a Hubie Brown figure.

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