Joe Lauzon: ‘I don’t want to have wars if that means I’m going to forget my own name’

Maggie Hendricks

Joe Lauzon's followers on Twitter and Instagram have been treated to the after pictures from Lauzon's bloody, three-round battle with Jim Miller at UFC 155. Lauzon has shared a picture every day of the swelling, cuts and bruises that came from the bout, which Lauzon lost by decision. The picture above is from Wednesday night, when Lauzon said he was "starting to look better."

The pictures are a poignant and even painful reminder of the kind of damage fighters take in the fights we love the most. Lauzon has only had two fights go to decision in his career. He is aware of the kind of damage fighters can take in bouts like his on Saturday.

"I don't feel I've taken any real abuse or punishment," Lauzon said. "But the thing is I don't want to. I don't want to have wars if that means I'm going to forget my own name. If it got to that point, I would reassess everything and take a step back.

Most of the time, Lauzon wins his fights by submission. Eighteen of his 22 wins have ended with a submission, which usually means less damage than in a knockout.

Lauzon worked in information technology and went to school for computer science. He has plenty of opportunities outside of fighting.

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