Jim vs. the Volcano: Thomas in for Wall in Bellator welter tourney

If you haven't heard about the volcanic cloud that blanketed northern Europe and disrupted travel there for days, you must be living under a rock. If you are under that rock, Bellator welterweight Ryan Thomas is right there with you.

That cloud of ash that grounded flights prevented British fighter "Judo" Jim Wallhead from making it to the U.S. in time for his scheduled Bellator bout with Jacob McClintock. Bellator then asked Thomas -- the fighter on the losing end of a controversial bout with Ben Askren last Thursday -- to step in for Wall. His response: what volcano?

"The first thing I thought when my trainer called and said I was getting back into the tournament because of a volcano, I thought he was messing with me," said Thomas (10-4). "I had no idea there was even a volcano that erupted."

Forgive Thomas for being a little behind the times on current events. The man did just lose.

The man who was on the winning end of that decision was happy to hear about Thomas' second chance. Via Facebook, Askren said:

Good Luck this Thursday Ryan, hope you win. Then maybe in about three weeks the ref will give me a few more seconds to put you to sleep.

In other Bellator news, the promotion announced match-ups for the semifinals of the lightweight tournament. Roger Huerta will face Pat Curran and Toby Imada will fight Carey Vanier on May 6 at the Wang Theatre in Boston.

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