Jim Miller wants to dominate at UFC Fight Night

Elias Cepeda
Jim Miller wants to dominate at UFC Fight Night
Jim Miller wants to dominate at UFC Fight Night

New Jersey son Jim Miller will play host  tomorrow night in Atlantic as a headliner of UFC Fight Night when he takes on Donald Cerrone, but the Sparta native doesn't much care where he fights. "It really doesn't matter to me," he recently told Thomas Gerbasi.

“I just like to fight. Whether it’s in Newark, where it’s an hour or so from my house, or fighting in another country, I’m just there to fight and the venue really doesn’t matter.”

What Miller does care about, however, is how he wins. The lightweight has won three out of his last four bouts and has a reputation as a gutsy, exciting scrapper. 

Against Cerrone, who has won four out of his last five, Miller wants to limit the excitement and suspense, and just walk away with a dominating victory. “I want complete and utter domination and destruction,”he explained.

“I want the first mistake he makes to be the last mistake and the one that ends the fight. Everybody’s dangerous, and the longer the fight goes on, the more risks there are for me, so I’m looking to put him away early.”

Do you expect Miller vs. Cerrone to be a war or one-sided affair? Let us know in the comments section!

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