Jessica Andrade delivered an all-time beating on Rosi Sexton


Jessica Andrade battered a tough Rosi Sexton for three rounds in the most one-sided, longest-lasting beatings in recent MMA memory Saturday in Manchester, England, at UFC Fight Night. From horn to horn, Andrade punched, kicked, kneed and elbowed Sexton almost entirely uncontested.

Sexton was clearly out on her feet by the second round as her face and head began to swell and bleed and her own strikes lost all sting but the referee chose to let Andrade continue her assault. The British MMA veteran survived until the final horn but never mounted any sustained offense of her own as she was bludgeoned by the young Brazilian.

The loss is Sexton’s second straight in the UFC. Andrade got back on the winning track with her unanimous decision win (30-26, 30-27, and 30-26) after losing to Liz Carmouche in her last bout.

"There were a few times where the fight could have been stopped," Andrade told Joe Rogan in her post-fight interview. "But props to Rosi, she's super tough."

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