Jensen interview: Winless UFC fighter spends tax money to train

If Ryan Jensen loses tomorrow night, don't worry, he's got a job waiting as Tony Robbins' stand-in. The UFC middleweight is 0-3 with the promotion and is probably facing banishment to smaller promotions if he drops this battle against Steve Steinbeiss. Adding insult to injury, his wife just lost her job. So the pressure is on, yet you'll never meet a more loose, pleasant fighter than Jensen.

It's all about confidence for the Omaha native. The 31-year-old has lost none of it, even with three submission defeats in the UFC. Much of it comes from the quality of competition that he's faced. Jensen lost at UFC 74 to Thales Leites, who is challenging Anderson Silva for the middleweight title at UFC 97 next month. He also fell against Demian Maia, who is probably next in line for the title shot. His last UFC loss was against Wilson Gouveia. He smashed Gouveia in the opening round and was on his way to winning the second when he got caught in an armbar. Jensen says no big deal:

"Your fight career is a process," Jensen told Cage Writer. "Each time I lose I go back and I learn something from it. That last one I thought I had him knocked out and I got a little overzealous. I let it all go. I probably should've backed off a bit"

Jensen definitely has his family's support. His wife lost her job with a construction company three months ago yet she was supportive in allowing Jensen to leave Omaha and train with Greg Jackson and company in Albuquerque. Jensen said he took the family's tax rebate check to fund the training camp.

Watch Cage Writer with Jensen as he talks about the star-studded Jackson camp (5:00 mark):

Jensen (13-5, 0-3 UFC) battles Steinbeiss (4-2) on the undercard at Ultimate Fight Night 18 tomorrow night in Nashville.

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