Jay Glazer shows off his MMA skills to Dan Patrick

He's certainly no Chris Mortensen or Adam Shefter. Jay Glazer covers the NFL and may be able to beat down a few of its players. The 5-foot-6, 235-pound New Jersey-native has trained MMA for years after a high school wrestling career. He spends a lot of time with the guys from Arizona Combat Sports.

He appeared on The Dan Patrick Show on Friday to talk NFL draft but Patrick repeatedly pushed him about his fighting. Then it was go time and Glazer slapped on a choke hold.

In between being asked to guess, like every other NFL "expert", about the NFL draft, Glazer was asked a few MMA questions. When the subject of Chuck Liddell came up, he nonchalantly said, "he's done."

Glazer was asked if he could take celebs like Sly Stallone, Jet Li or Jason Statham. Glazer laughed at all three. It was interesting at the end to hear Glazer stumble (5:40 mark) when asked if he uses performance enhancing drugs. Glazer has made some transition from the fourth NFL writer at the N.Y. Post to now hosting Pros v. Joes along with Michael Strahan. He sais he went on the show hoping to hate "Pro" Pacman Jones so that he could "choke him out."

He also made sure to get in a Subway plug when Patrick starting pounding Jared from Subway.

Audio via The Dan Patrick Show

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