Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller goes on bizarre tirade during ‘MMA Hour’ (VIDEO)

On Monday's "MMA Hour," retired MMA fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller went on a bizarre, profane tirade before storming out 45 minutes before the interview was due to end. He stayed in the character of Lucky Patrick, the fighter he plays in the upcoming MMA movie "Here Comes the Boom." He called host Ariel Helwani, who is Jewish, Aryan, dropped the f-bomb several times, and referred to the Columbus Day Parade in New York as the "wop parade."

Watch for yourself. There are several instances of vulgar language throughout the video, so it may not be right for you to watch at work. The 15-minute video is worth watching all the way through, but you only need to watch a few minutes to get an idea of his weird behavior.

In a vacuum, this could be seen as just a bit of poorly-executed promotion for the movie. However, if that was the case, Helwani wouldn't have made so many attempts to get Miller, not "Patrick," to talk. If Miller wanted to do this well, he would have let Helwani in on the joke before the interview started. He didn't. Helwani tweeted:

It's also not the only bizarre incident Miller has been involved with lately. After his release from the UFC, Miller tweeted UFC president Dana White, "Kill yourself, @danawhite, we are all begging you." He was then found naked in a church and arrested for vandalism.

Miller, who fought in the UFC, Strikeforce and Dream, has long been one of MMA's more outrageous personalities. This won him many fans and television work on shows like MTV's "Bully Beatdown," but also got him in trouble occasionally. He ran into the cage after Jake Shields won the Strikeforce championship, which touched off a melee between Shields' camp and Miller.

Hopefully, he will get help with whatever is causing him to act so oddly.