Jardine not happy about Facebook imposter

Sporting a "I'll rip your head off" biker dude look, Keith Jardine can scare some people. Don't judge this UFC book by its cover. "The Dean of Mean" is probably the most soft spoken fighter in the organization. It's tough to get a rise out of the guy until he steps into the Octagon. Which makes recent Facebook postings like the one below about Quinton Jackson sort of bizarre:

"Keith is going to leave rampage's face looking like butter!!! D.O.M."

Jardine doesn't get worked up about much. He told Cage Writer in Columbus on Wednesday that's he's a little angry about someone putting up a fake Facebook page and making nasty statements about his opponent Quinton Jackson this weekend at UFC 96:

"I don't have a Facebook, I've got a MySpace, I try and promote my t-shirts. Yeah, that's very unfortunate. I wish I could meet that guy (who is impersonating me)," said Jardine during UFC workout day. "Cause, I'm always known to be a humble guy and respect my opponent. It really tears me up, there's someone pretending to be and saying things I wouldn't say."

Listen below to hear Jardine talk about "his" Facebook page:

Facebook can be a dicey place. The fake Jardine site has gotten over 3,500 friends to sign-up including many of his Jackson's Submission Fighting teammates. There's more than a few MMA media types who befriended "Fake Keith" as well including yours truly, Larry Pepe, Damon Martin, Chad Dukes, Loretta Hunt, Ken Pishna, Mike Sloan and Luke Thomas. Makes you wonder if any of the pages by Rashad Evans, Nate Marquardt or Donald Cerrone are real?

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