Japanese fighter loses his ear and the bout

At a Pancrase event in Japan last weekend, Shigeyuki Uchiyama lost a part of his ear.

No, really. Reports from the bout say that while fighting Masaya Takita in a ring, the top part of Uchiyama's ear was shorn off. Here's one report from Fanhouse's Daniel Herbertson:

It was not clear how the cauliflowered ear was torn but blood could be seen on the top and bottom ropes. Most likely, Uchiyama's ear was caught in the vertical ropes that keep the horizontal ropes even, although no blood could be seen on them.

As soon as Pancrase officials identified what the bloody lump on the canvas was a doctor check was called and the bout was stopped at 2:57 of Round 2.

That's right. They had to identify the bloody lump that had once been Uchiyama's ear. Read on for pictures, but please be warned. They are quite graphic.

The takedown attempt that ended an ear.

Uchiyama after the ear had been partially torn off. Takita was called the winner by TKO — doctor's stoppage.

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