Jackson vs. Silva III not likely to resemble their other match-ups

If this video doesn't get you excited about UFC 92's rematch between Wanderlei Silva and Rampage Jackson, nothing will. This is from their second fight, which Silva won by knockout. He used vicious knees until Jackson fell out of the ring.

Silva has a 2-0 advantage over Jackson from their days fighting in PRIDE. Seeing the way Silva dominates Jackson in the video, it would be easy to assume that Silva would handily win their upcoming match-up, but it is not that simple. Silva won his last fight against Jackson in 2004, but has lost four matches since then. His transition to the UFC has been rocky, losing to Chuck Liddell (who Jackson TKO'ed) but then knocking out Keith Jardine. He seemed much more comfortable in the Octagon for the fight with Jardine.

Jackson burst onto the scene when he transitioned to the UFC, beating Liddell to win the UFC light heavyweight belt and then defeating Dan Henderson before narrowly losing his title to Forrest Griffin. His meltdown since losing to Griffin, and subsequent change in training camps, is what is going to make this fight interesting. No one is quite sure what to expect with Jackson.

This video shows a fantastic, back-and-forth fight with a decisive ending. What it does not show are any clues as to who will win on Dec. 27.

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