Jackson simply didn't want to hear the mocking from his family

There's nothing like winning to bring the George Carlin out of fighters. Rashad Evans, Quinton Jackson and Frank Mir were basking in glow of victory and ripping out their A-material.

Jackson said he couldn't lose to Wanderlei Silva for a third time. If he did, he'd never hear the end of it from his toughest critics:

"When I lose I come back stronger the next time. I look at the fight and say 'man I just got my butt kicked.' It's embarrassing to me. You guys just don't know my family. They make fun of me."

Rashad Evans realized it was time to step on the gas before the third round:

"My coach in the corner was like 'you're down two rounds.' I was like 'I know man, I'm going to start fighting the next round.' Sometimes you rhyme slow, sometimes you rhyme quick. I came out rhyming real slow. But I puilled everything together at the end."

Watch the entire press conference after the jump. Frank Mir was brutally honest saying even he wouldn't have chosen himself to win the fight:

"I can look at the odds. On paper, I wouldn't have given me a chance in the fight. He's the better fighter on paper. Better record, been in against more opponents and that was the monster I knew I had to train for."

Presser begins at 4:02 after Al Bernstein wrap.

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