Jackson got lucky and Evans is a prick

Not everyone was thrilled that "Rampage" and "Sugar" were the big winners at UFC 92. Ultimate Fighter 2 alum Mike Whitehead says Quinton Jackson landed a lucky punch. Whitehead thought Wanderlei Silva was timid in the fight. He couldn't understand why Silva didn't attack the way he does in the gym against Whitehead. I won't answer that. I'll let our fine message posters respond.

That said, Whitehead gave Jackson the soft touch before he unloaded on Rashad Evans:

"I hate the way Rashad goes out and (expletive) carries himself. He's almost as bad as Tito (Ortiz) now. I don't know how he can say he's a good ambassador for the sport when he goes out and does that (expletive). He's kissing his glove and touching his (expletive)."

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Is anyone other than Forrest Griffin's buddies worked up about Evans' behavior? Whitehead is talking about the way both fighters carry themselves in and out of the cage. Is there an issue with either? Amongst media members you could have quite a throwdown in a debate about who's better for the sport, Griffin or Evans? I can only say that I've had good experiences in dealing with both fighters.

Whitehead also goes off on Brock Lesnar getting a shot at the heavyweight title after just three professional fights.

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