Jackson convo: Push Rampage's buttons, get punched in the nuts

Quinton Jackson seemed a little melancholy on Wednesday when Cage Writer grabbed him for a conversation about UFC 96. Turns out he wasn't sad, just grumpy and hungry, so we tried to bring the laughs and instead got an unwelcome love tap punch.

If you watched the Dana White UFC 95 video blog, Jackson and his boys were horsing around and kept doing something to each other's junk (2:10, 3:28, 4:53). I asked about the game they were playing and used the term "grab". That was a bad choice of words.

Watch Rampage show Cage Writer the difference between grabbing and punching (1:07 mark):

I should've watched Urijah Faber for defensive tips against the Rampage ball buster. He was on to the whole thing at UFC 95, covering up nicely (8:10).

We also gave Rampage some guff at the beginning of this video about his dancing (6:45) on the UFC 95 White blog. His victim there was UFC Octagon girl Logan. Is a 30-year-old with four kids out of play for a 19-year-old? Jackson says he's still in the game. Don't be a hater!

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