Iron Mike? Iron Mike: What you need to know from TUF Episode 3

"The Ultimate Fighter" moved to a third episode, where Team Koscheck tried to recover from losing the first fight, and Georges St. Pierre brought in a few special coaches to motivate his team.

-- Josh Koscheck was not pleased with the focus of his team. He ripped them halfway through their training session and lit a fire under them.

-- Georges St. Pierre brought in 1996 Canadian Olympic silver medalist Gia Sissaouri to work with the team. He brought in another champion, some guy by the name of Mike Tyson.

Dana White called Tyson to come in for a fight by GSP's request, and Iron Mike was seriously geeked to come to one of the TUF fights. This man, who has been part of some of the biggest boxing events of all time, was overjoyed about watching exhibition bouts. GSP was equally geeked, telling Tyson how he loved him in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out. Really, GSP? The video game was the best you can do?

Fight of the week: Michael Johnson vs. Aaron Wilkinson

With Tyson watching, Wilkinson surprised Johnson, GSP's No. 1 pick, by withstanding a bevy of strikes, and followed up with a takedown and ground and pound in the first round.

On Tyson's scorecard, Wilkinson won the round.

Johnson started the second round strong, with a takedown and crisp striking, but Wilkinson was able to get a takedown. Koscheck called Wilkinson "English" while begging for a takedown. I wonder if that's a not-so-witty nickname for the British fighter, or if Kos just forgot his name. Johnson controlled the rest of the round in the clinch, winning the round. That means only one thing: We're going to a third round.

Johnson started round three with an immediate takedown and ground and pound. He then takes Wilkinson's back, sinks in a rear naked choke, and taps him out.

With that win, GSP is 2-0.

Quotes of the week:

"Undestirating my skills" -- Bruce LeRoy, in response to Jason Lentz, the opponent he beat

"It's not my first rodeo" -- Georges St. Pierre, after Koscheck and his coaches parked their cars so that GSP couldn't open his car door.

"He beat a little confidence out of him". -- Tyson, about Michael Johnson

"Ya gotta come out, Mike. No more playin' Mike." -- Tyson

"I thought that, um, the English guy, had very good boxing."-- Tyson

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