Iraq vet uses rear naked choke to stop robbery

You walk into a store and see someone holding up the cashier. What do you do? If you're Zack Thome, an Iraq vet and someone who has trained in MMA, you slap a rear naked choke on the offender and choke him out.

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Thome held Brandon Slanger, the suspect who is said to be schizophrenic, down as someone else called the police. Thome said he lives near the store and didn't want to see the cashier hurt.

"It's kind of my hometown. I live right next to the place, you know, I'm in there everyday. I think if it was the other way around, if I worked there and the guy at the register was there, he would have done the same thing," said Thome.

Kudos to Thome for using his MMA training to good use. But unless you've actually trained, don't try this at home, folks. Watching every UFC pay-per-view doesn't count.

Gracias, Cage Potato.

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