Invicta fighter opens up about domestic violence

Maggie Hendricks

Australian Invicta fighter Bec Hyatt has become popular in the United States for her brash style in and out of the cage. She has fought three times for Invicta in 2013, going 1-2 while enduring a difficult personal struggle. She opened up about domestic abuse on Facebook.

Hyatt, who was married to Australian MMA coach Dan Hyatt, said he has been physically and emotionally abusive for much of their relationship. She met him when she started training in kickboxing to get back in shape after the birth of her son. She said he started to abuse her when she became pregnant with their child. At first it was emotional abuse, but it turned into physical abuse over time.

He would shove me into walls, hold me down and smother me with pillows, he would spit on me and pour things like milk and tomato sauce on my head, this wasn’t the worst of it and there is so much more that I had to deal with. He literally made me feel like the dirt on the bottom of his shoe. Sometimes he would break down in tears and apologize saying he “didn’t wanna do it but he had no choice – that I have given him no choice”.

She became more invested in training as his alleged abuse became more dangerous. Bec left with her children on Mother's Day, earlier this year. She returned home to find him gone, but her furniture destroyed and her home ripped apart.

Bec was encouraged to tell her story by Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia, a non-profit dedicated to ending child abuse. They wanted to show there is no stereotype for a victim of abuse.

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